A busy year for Neston & District Christian Aid

We raised over £1900 from our annual walk in 2018 and a collection in Aldi, Neston, made £500.

We were busy, of course, around Christian Aid Week. £356 was raised from a collection at Gordale and £5,400 was raised house-to-house in Neston & District.  By the end of Christian Aid Week, Neston & District had raised a total of £8,880, and Gift Aid had added about another £1,000.

Since then, Little Neston Methodist Church’s harvest collection raised £200 for Christian Aid’s Ethiopian Solar Energy Appeal. We collected at Gordale on December 13th and raised £500.

The United Reformed Church raised £250 for the Kerala Flood Appeal and £200 for the Indonesia Tsunami Appeal. Burton Parish Church also raised over £200 for Indonesia.

In 2019 we are organising a Sponsored Walk on 16th March starting at 9am from the United Reformed Church Hall. The Christian Aid Service will be on 12th May at 6.30pm at Little Neston Methodist Church. Christian Aid Week is from 12th to 19th May.

Volunteers Brenda Cunnington, Diane Dickson and Nigel O’Brien at Gordale Garden Centre.